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  • More about the Simulator

    We've selected few scenarios so to give you an idea of how versatile and realistic the V300 can be. Remember, Clickom is here to customize and to maintain the simulator for your needs. Enjoy, then contact us for a demo or to order your simulator.

    You may also choose to learn more Virtra and the simulator.

  • Military Training

    This video is an overall presentation of the simulator, its configrurations and some of the main accessories available to you. You are about to see how versatile the V300 may be. It may, indeed, be used for a vairety of scenarios.

    Length: 4min 18sec

  • Military Combat Training

    This video presents a military combat scenario. The V300 being fully customizable, the scenery and the avatars, can be replaced with ones that fit your reality. Talk to Clickom to learn more about this feature.

    Length: 1min 21sec

  • Judgemental Use of Force

    Watch some aspects of the judgmental use of force scenario exercises. It utilizes multiple screens with immersive audio engagement for unparalleled virtual reality training and realism.

    Length: 0min 28sec

  • Shooting Range (Variable)

    The firearms use of force training simulator plunges you into a realistic setting using cutting edge special effects, and content produced by full time subject matter experts.

    Length: 1min 21sec

  • Law Enforcement

    This is a multi-incident immersive training scenario for law enforcement. The V300 is realistic and interactive, hence allowing to train like in reality.

    Length: 2min 06sec