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We've enabled geomatics, to manage and to monitor infrastructures & resources.

  • About Dexter

    We've designed and developed a solution that applies geomatics to monitor and proactively manage infractructures, information systems, natural resources and more. Dexter is also an excellent tool for city planing. There is something for you in Dexter. Talk to one of our team members.

  • More about Dexter

    Estimate your project's cost and make informed decisions. Dexter is also the right tool for sites monitoring and for city planning.
    We own a fleet of professional drones and GIS equipment, which we use to produce custom maps and detailed geomatics (data). Dexter is online and secured: Access your business data (HD images/maps, detailed reports), operations history and other business data anytime.

  • Try Dexter today

    Tell us about your project. Let Dexter work for you and help you making informed decisions. Write to our Business Development Team or contact the office closest to you.

    More about Dexter
    We've designed and developed Dexter with you in mind. We prepared projects and scenarios related to Dexter, which you may review here below. Do not hesitate to contact us, so we can start designing a solution for your project.
    ¬ Duke will significantly reduce your operating costs, improve your efficiency and your outreach
    ¬ Adopt Dexter today and enjoy our 100% Satisfaction or cancel your service without conditions.