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Farmer's job may disappear by 2022. What does it mean for food production?

  • What does it mean?

    Automation has impacted all fields of expertise, including farming. With the price of land, machinery, seed and chemicals increasing, only well-capitalized farmers and corporations will be able to sustain their business and to compete.

    However, all farmers will not disappear, leaving vacant lands. We will not be getting our food products from 3D printing or research labs, neither.

  • Yes, solutions exist

    Dexter, our solution, applies the latest advancements in technology, hence lowering operating cost and increasing productivity.
     ¬ Using drone technology, we provide HD imagery of vacant or cultivated land
     ¬ We apply Virtual Reality technique to provide field 3D rendering for various scenarios
     ¬ Using software engineering, we analyze and identify areas that require intervention: Water, chemicals, etc.
     ¬ We use HD imagery to monitor plants and crops, regardless the weather
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  • Who can use DEXTER

    Dexter is designed for small and large farmning operations.

     ¬ Dexter is flexible and easy to deploy
     ¬ Dexter is scalable.
     ¬ Dexter provides detailed reports on selected key elements of your business

    Dexter is secured and available online. Contact our Business Development team, request a demo and start using Dexter today

    Automation has proven to significantly increase business productivy. When it comes to farming, DEXTER not only contibutes sustaining such productivity, but also significantly improves farmer's quality of life.