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Coleman secures your site and business knowledge: No matter the size, the nature or the challenge, get in touch!

  • About Coleman

    With Coleman, we wanted to provide organizations of all sizes, with means to better manage their staff and business knowledge. This is a very simple and effective solution, that brings together full corporate directory features, document management functionality and access monitoring and control.
    Coleman is designed to ensure secured and confidential flow of information.
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  • Coleman works for you

    Regardless the size of your organization, there is a vesion of Coleman for you. Let us know about your challenges, we will work together to deliver and maintain a version of Coleman that suits your needs. Let us focus on the solution while you continue to make your business successful.

  • Try Coleman today

    You may try Coleman today, free of charge and with no obligation. Write to our Business Development Team or contact the office closest to you.

    More about Coleman
    ¬All transactions are secured and confidential
    ¬Coleman will significantly reduce your operating costs and improve your processing time?
    ¬You've try and you are not satisfied? Not problem. Leave the program anytime...