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Make the buzz with our flexible Newsletter solution

  • About the Cl!ckNews

    Cl!ckNEWS is a multichannel communication solution. It offers email newsletter, social media communication and branding. The Cl!ckNews is flexible: Submit your Cl!ckNews then get detailed feedback about your campaign, without crashing your budget. Enjoy our professional support and service all year long.
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  • How it Works

    (1) Create your Cl!ckNews account: You need to provide a valid email address
    (2) Submit your Cl!ckNews template or le't us create one for you
    (3) Submit your recipients list
    ...you are all set. Write to our client care team if you need help creating or publishing your Cl!ckNews

  • Join and try it today

    You may try Cl!ckNews today, free of charge and with no obligation. Write to our Business Development Team or contact the office closest to you.